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With over 45,000 square feet of warehouse space and one of the largest inventories of standard cases in the United States, you could think of Quality Cases & Containers as just another licensed distributor of cases, but make no mistake about it! Unlike some manufacturers who try to sell the most cases as quickly as possible, we focus on the needs of our customers and systematically provide them with a well-reasoned solution. We will do whatever is necessary to fulfill this obligation. Our expertise is in custom cases, custom containers, custom foam inserts, and laserable plastics.

We work with individuals interested in a single case to fortune 100 companies interested in 1000 cases and everyone in between.

What’s New

Pelican Elite 55QW wheeled cooler

55qt cooler
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Our Customers

Lockheed Martin
Texas Instruments

Wine Glass Drop Test

See what happens when we drop one of our custom corrugated cases with a wine glass inside from the roof of our facility.

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