Case Types

Depending on your needs we have a case that is right for your application. From one time shippers to rugged militarized packaging.

Corrugated Plastic

A lightweight less expensive alternative when card board is not enough.   Learn More >>

Bins & Totes

Easy way to store equipment and stay organized, move products throughout the process.   Learn More >>

Custom Cases

Let us figure out what you need. There are so many options and we have over 30 years of selling solutions.
Learn More >>

Shipping Cases

Need something durable enough to ship? We have several options.   Learn More >>

Carrying Case

From a sales kit to every day carrying we have several styles to choose from.   Learn More >>

Rack Cases

We have a wide variety of rack cases to fit almost any sized equipment.   Learn More >>

ATA Cases

Need a case built exactly to the dimensions that you want?   Learn More >>

Soft Cases & Bags

If weight is an issue or you just don’t need a hard case. Soft sided might be your solution.   Learn More >>


See our list of manufacturers that we carry cases for. Most of the cases we have in stock.   Learn More >>