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SKB I Series (Injection Molded Watertight Cases)

This is SKB’s latest venture in our quest to provide the most innovative hard shell case products. Injection molding is an expensive investment and there is no room for error. Made with extreme pressure, even the small injection molded part requires a very large and heavy mold. SKB has molds that weight almost 30,000lbs! The 3i case series includes a gasket that makes the cases watertight and dust proof. Never before has an ATA flight case been so light weight, yet so advanced.

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SKB R Series (Rotationally Molded Watertight Cases)

Roto molded for strength and ergonomic design, these case are impenetrable, yet lightweight with a LLDPE shell for maximum impact resistance. UV, solvent corrosion and fungus resistant with black powder coated stainless steel hardware to prevent rusting. Comfortable, spring-loaded, rubber over-molded handles, these cases are designed to withstand levels of punishment in excess of all ATA and most industrial and military shipping specifications.

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SKB Racks (Rotationally Molded Rack Cases)

All models of SKB’s Rack cases are rotationally molded of LMDPE for maximum impact resistance, and feature the latest in shockmount technology with elastomeric shocks, threaded steel rails and aluminum cross components for strength and durability. All models of Shock Racks have EIA standard 19" rack width and include rear rails and covers for support and accessibility. The 28" and Pullout Racks have standard square hole rack rails and accept most sliding rail kits.

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SKB Roto X (Roto Molded Cases)

Rotationally molded shipping containers with the Roto X pattern that stack securely for efficient transport and storage. Optional heavy-duty wheels for maximum mobility. Recessed, heavy-duty twist latches will accommodate a customer supplied padlock. Spring-loaded handles are also recessed for protection.

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